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Educational programs, which develop rich humanity and ensure an excellent medical education, are offered. Specialized courses start at the 1st grade based on the properly balanced program.


Each cubicle on our private study floors, which is provided for 2nd year through 6th year students, is equipped with a LAN connection.


In addition to the organ and function-based integrated lectures, the pre-clinical training for clinical skills and knowledge is prepared for the 3rd and 4th grade students. The students are evaluated by using OSCE.


5th grade students are divided into small groups for the clinical training by participating in medical practice and these groups can study together in their study room.


6th grade students have intensive lectures mainly about basic medical and clinical science in order to master knowledge required for clinical practice and national examinations.


An intensive audiovisual education is provided to students of all grades. Students are provided with the tutorial system: a counselor teacher for each grade and an advisory teacher for each small group.

One of the unique characteristics of Kawasaki Gakuen is that it is compulsory for all 1st grade students to live in the dormitory. This experience helps students learn how to get along together and gain fellow feeling. This also provides an opportunity to make life-long friends.

This on-campus dormitory provides private rooms for individual students and a large open space for common usage. The dormitory is located in a quiet and picturesque environment, the students ar.

Kawasaki Gakuen has five research units in the campus for high-level and diverse medical sciences. They are the bases of research activities.

  • Medical Bioresource Research Unit
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology Research Unit
  • Bioimaging Research Unit
  • Radioisotope Research Unit
  • Kawasaki Hospital Research Unit