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Under its principle, we put strong emphasize on a Opatient-orientedO approach. We make the determination of all activities on the basis of this principle. We provide warm, humane, safe and quality medical services with a complete understanding of the patients' point of view.

Hospital philosophy

  • Medical treatment is always for patients
  • Deep human love is the base of treatment for all patients
  • Medical service is available for 24 hours-a-day
  • Advanced and specialized medical treatment, education, and research
  • Improvement of local medical welfare and the education of competent physicians

Since the establishment of Kawasaki Medical School Hospital in 1973, we have been contributing to society as a major base of medical care and education with state-of-the-art medical technologies and passion and love for our patients on the base of hospital philosophy. The provision of such high quality and specialized medical care and the gaining of knowledge through academic research continue day and night. This has secured our position as the primary and most unique medical school hospital in Western Japan.

Prime and most unique medical care base in Western Japan

Kawasaki Medical School Hospital is one which offers high quality and specialized medical care and education. We aim to provide patients-oriented medical services 24 hours a day and also to establish a close and reliable relationships with medical institutes in the community.

Evolving hospital

To meet the continuous advance of medical equipment, we are proactive in the introduction of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment into the hospital. Kawasaki Medical School Hospital is one that evolves according to the technical advances of the age, so that we can always provide optimum medical services.

Certification for Quality Health Care by the Japan Council

Our function as a medical institute has been appreciated for its high quality of services from the academic point of view. We were certified by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care as a quality health care hospital (general hospital) in 2005.