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Since the establishment of Kawasaki Medical School Hospital, we have striven to develop medical care and to provide quality services as a major hospital in the community. This hospital is not only for medical education but qualified as an “Advanced Treatment Hospital” by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in April, 1994. The slogan “Medical service always for 24 hours” and the belief “Medical treatment is always for patients” of Dr.Sukenobu Kawasaki, doctor, first president of Kawasaki Gakuen and also director of the hospital, remain the core philosophies of this hospital. All members of staff have done their best to carry out these philosophies. We've put the strong emphasis on the emergency medical services since then.

Kawasaki Medical School Hospital will, as a qualified Advanced Treatment Hospital, carry out our responsibility of providing advanced and high quality medical services by deepening the alliance among other hospitals and clinics in the community.