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General Medicine

  • Kazuhiko INOUE, Associate Professor
INDEX :  Main Areas and Themes of Research    Clinical Features
        Educational Features

Main Areas and Themes of Research

  1. Study of common disease
  2. Study of preventive medicine
  3. Patient education
  4. New methods of education
  5. Communication skills
  6. Cancer screening, especially gastric cancer screening using the pepsinogen method and Helicobacter pylori antibody
  7. Functional gastro-intestinal disorders

Clinical Features

Our department has an important mission since it is the entrance to the hospital. In other words, we perform the ambulatory practice of the first examination for patients who do not have a letter of introduction to the medical school hospital and a specialized department. We also keep in mind the necessity of cooperating extensively with each specialized department and offer the best medical care to patients. Additionally, the role of the Department of General Medicine in the medical school hospital is to correctly diagnose cases that are not ready for diagnosis at other hospitals.

Educational Features

The aim of our division is to create community-oriented primary care doctors. We provide training to teach basic clinical skills such as those required for a solid basis of good communication with the patient, including performance of a medical interview, and an ability to provide details of diagnosis and treatment records using the POS method. We educate while cooperating with standardized patients (SP). It is very important that medical students and residents learn to communicate with competence.

We are in charge of lectures that provide the basic knowledge, skills and manner needed by a primary-care physician, and topics taught include local comprehensive medical care studies, clinical judgment studies, behavioral science, clinical ethics, evidence-based medicine, geriatric disease studies, and terminal care.