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Health Care Medicine

  • Toshihiro Takao, M.D., Ph.D., Professor
INDEX :  Main Areas and Themes of Research    Clinical Features
       Educational Features

Main Areas and Themes of Research

  1. Relation between lifestyle and metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, and essential hypertension.
  2. Effective health guidance on lifestyle related diseases.
  3. Studies on the effective performance of medical examinations.

Clinical Features

In an aged society, lifestyle-related diseases, such as cancer, apoplexy, heart infarction and so on, represent the leading health problems. Prevention and early diagnosis of these diseases are very important tasks for public health. It was reported that persons with no abnormal results following a medical examination only comprised 10% of those examined. To prevent people getting lifestyle-related diseases, it is important to enact precautions and health promotion guidance through medical examinations, all of which should be improved to become more effective. Cancer screenings should also be improved to become more effective.

Until now, judgments concerning medical examinations have only been made by checking abnormal laboratory values. However, we think it is also important to monitor and follow-up borderline abnormal values.

As life-style diseases result from a daily unhealthy lifestyle, it is important to provide health guidance, including nutritional and exercise guidance, to change the lifestyle of people. We think behavioral approaches are an essential element of the guidance at medical examinations because there are persons at various stages of behavior modification.

We conduct medical examinations while being mindful of the abovementioned viewpoints.

Educational Features

We are in charge of the block lectures on ‘Precautions and health care’ and ‘Hygiene and public health’ during the third year. A summary lecture on health care medicine is also given during the sixth year.