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Health Information Resource Management

  • 2. Tokiharu Miyahara, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.

Main Areas and Themes of Research

(1)Healthcare Information Literacy
(2)Development of high degree Human Resource for the Healthcare information field
(3)Healthcare IT Project Management
(4)Health Information utilization with an Electric Health Record or Personal Health Record
(5)Health Information and Management

Educational Features

Healthcare Information Literacy;

Since information literacy is often confused with information system literacy, it is difficult to say that genuine information literacy has been developed in the healthcare field.

We believe information literacy is one of our important fields of education, and would like to set up a framework for developing information literacy in the healthcare field. At the same time, we employ various group projects to develop information literacy for each phase, such as the information gathering, evaluation, and use phases.

Our department was established in April of 2011, and we intend to create our own unique research emphasis, characteristics, and values.