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There are many young people who wish to become physicians, to help those who suffer from illness and want to contribute to the community's medical services. This school was established with the aim of guiding such young people in realizing their dreams.

Our school is located in a good environment----- full of flowers and birdsO twittering all the year round.And our school can pride itself on highly capable school faculty, modern facilities and equipment. In this privileged environment, we promote classes with fewer students to focus our full attention on each student and, provide residential education to cultivate a spirit of autonomy and independence as well as a spirit of cooperation, and also provide career education, with importance attached to collaboration with the university and the affiliated hospital. More than 1,430 graduates are engaged in research and education in medicine in hospitals throughout the country and contribute to their respective local community's medical services as general practice physicians.

Currently, our students from every part of the country are diligent in their studies and club activities on this campus blessed with nature, and work hard together with the aim of becoming physicians who can contribute to society.