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Radioisotope Center

  • Director:Teruki Sone, M. D., Ph. D.(Professor of Nuclear Medicine)

Outlines of the Radioisotope Center

The Radioisotope Center is a central facility where research using radioisotopes can be conducted.

Radioisotopes have been utilized as tracers in various medical research fields such as metabolism, kinetic analysis, and trace element measurement, and are indispensable for present day medical research. Since radioisotopes can be dangerous, knowledge concerning the safe handling of such materials is a prerequisite for users wishing to utilize the facilities provided by the Radioisotope Center. Irrespective of the amount of radioisotope, users must abide by strict regulations to ensure the prevention of radiation hazards

In general, the use of radioisotopes is allowed only under the supervision of a qualified radiation protection supervisor. In clinical application of radioisotopes, however, a medical doctor is qualified to use radioisotopes without an additional national license. Since medical graduate students have the potential to acquire a position of leadership within medical radiation facilities, we encourage them to use the Radioisotope Center not only for research but also for practical training regarding general radiation protection.

To ensure strict adherence to regulations and safe operation, the Radioisotope Center is under control of the Regulatory Board of Radioisotopes. New users are required to take a one-day guidance course managed by the Regulatory Board and registration is renewed annually. On renewal of registration, a short seminar is held to explain any additions or changes to the rules governing use of the Radioisotope Center, and/or to ask for cooperation or assistance in maintaining the safe and smooth operation of the Center. Before beginning experiments, users have to present a document of their research plan to the Center, and obtain approval from the radiation protection supervisor, the manager of the Radioisotope Center, and the President.

Characteristics of the Radioisotope Center

Besides students and staff of the Medical School, students and faculty members of the Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare and the Kawasaki College of Allied Health Professions make use of the Center. One hundred and twenty-one users were registered in the 20th year of Heisei (2008), and the number of registered users has remained constant for the last few years.

The main objectives of the Center are education and research.In the area of education, students of the Department of Radiological Technology receive practical training in radiochemistry at the Center as a compulsory subject. Approximately 20 research projects/plans are performed every year and the results of this research are published in peer-reviewed journals.