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Physiological-Function Center

  • Director:Tamotsu Harada, M.D., Ph.D.

Outlines of the Physiological‐Function Center

The Physiological‐Function Center originally started as a center dedicated to the research of human physiological-functions using electro-encephalography for the analysis of evoked potentials in the brain, and medical thermography for analysis of the regulation of body surface temperature by the peripheral and autonomous nervous systems.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, the Physiological‐Function Center has developed as a center for dynamic morphological analyses using various types of microscopes, such as the two-photon confocal microscope and the fluorescent microscope for time-lapse analysis. Furthermore, the Physiological‐Function Center is equipped with versatile machine systems for protein analysis, such as 2-D Fluorescence Difference Gel Electrophoresis, luminescent image analysis and Chemilumi / Gel imaging. Consequently, a broad range of research can be performed at the Center in the area of bio-physiology, including research involving bio-signals and bio-imaging, indicating that the Physiological‐Function Center has become a center for the comprehensive analysis of the pathophysiology of various diseases not limited to human physiological function.

Constitution and Equipment(*) of the Physiological-Function Center

1) Special Laboratories : 6 laboratories equipped with special apparatus
・Clinical Laboratory

(*) Medical thermograph (INFRA-EYE 3000 : FUJITSU TOKKI SYSTEMS LTD )

(*) Electroencephalography ( EEG1A98 : SANEI SOKKI )

(*) Bio-Signal analysis package software(ATAMAP.EPLYZER:KISSEI COMTEC )

(*) Evoked potential (Neuropack µ: NIHON KOHDEN )

(*) Current perception threshold QST ( NEUROMETER : TOYO MEDIC )

・Common Laboratory

(*) 2-D Fluorescence Difference Gel Electrophoresis

[ Typhoon 9400 . Ettan IPGphor . Ettan DALTsix . ImageMaster 2D Platinum . Ettan Spot Picker and Ettan Digester :GE Healthcare ]

(*) Luminescent image analyzer ( LAS-1000 :Fujifilm )

(*) Chemilumi / Gel imaging instrument (Dolphin-View :KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD )

(*) Polarization imaging device (Ablio PL-700 : KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD )

(*) TCS confocal microscope ( Conforcal Laser Scan Microscope TCS SP2 AOBS : Leica Microsystems )

(*) Image Acquisition and Analysis System for Video Microscopy ( AQUACOSMOS :Hamamatsu Photonics K.K )

(*) Inverted microscope ( Axiovert 200M :Carl Zeiss )

2) General Laboratories :utilized by 22 laboratories for various types of experiments