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Experimental Medicine Center

  • Chairman:Satoshi Mohri, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Vice-chairman:Shinichiro Nishimatsu, PhD

Outlines of the Radioisotope Center

The Center is located on the 8th floor of the North Wing of Kawasaki Medical Hospital. It is one of eight Research Centers of Kawasaki Medical School, and is utilized for medical research using animals. The mission of the Center is to facilitate experimental research of pathophysiological studies in all medical fields. It is open to all researchers of Kawasaki Gakuen. More than 60 projects are performed every year in this Center.

Characteristics of the Experimental Medicine Center

There are four large operating rooms for common use, and 13 smaller rooms which can be used exclusively by special research groups on a limited time basis.

The following equipment, which are regularly checked and maintained by our staff, can be used by researchers following application approval:

  • NeuropakTM (Evoked Potentials, EEG)
  • Polygraph system (Fig.1)
  • Hemodynamic monitor
  • Micro CT (Fig.2)
  • Microscope for microsurgery (Fig.3)
  • Two co-axial laser microscopes (Fig.4)
  • Six Anesthesia machines
  • Blood gas and electrolyte analyzer
  • Transit time blood flow meter
  • Laser flowmeter
  • X-ray Fluoroscopy (Fig.5)
  • Hemodynamic measurement and other equipment.