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Environmental Medicine Center

  • Director:Takemi Otsuki, M.D.,Ph.D.
  • Vice Director:Masafumi Tomita, Ph.D.

Outline of Research Center

Equipment and facilities utilized for investigations concerning environmental medicine are collected and maintained in this Center. We have five laboratory rooms for epidemiology environmental biology, ecology, immunology, toxicology, parasitology, and other related research. In addition, there are management, measurement and cleaning rooms, and space for sample storage.

The main equipment includes;
1.Management Room:

Computer,illuminometer, weighing machine, temperature-controlled bath, DNA thermal cycler, microplate reader, pH indicator, program temp-control PCR machine, and equipment for the analysis of DNA fragments are present. Two experimental secretaries are always on hand to deal with any issues that may arise in the Center.

2.Laboratory Room 1:

Table-top cooling micro-centrifuge, table-top micro-centrifuge, refrigerator-freezer, refrigerator, and poly-sealer are present. Investigations concerning the dysregulation of autoimmunity induced by environmental substances and the mechanisms of toxicological manifestation by chemicals are performed here.

3.Laboratory room 2:

Refrigerator, universal thermostat bath, thermostat shaking incubator, DNA oven, gel-slab dryer system and semi-dry electro blotter are present. Investigations concerning the molecular mechanisms of organ formation and regeneration and animal model for aging using Diphyllobothrium are performed here.

4.Laboratory room 3:

Oxygen/carbon dioxide multi-gas incubator, clean bench, stereoscopic microscope, refrigerator-freezer, refrigerator and hematocrit centrifuge are present. Investigations concerning the development of serological diagnostic methods for parasite infection and induction of indokeamine2,3-dioxygenase in host-organs caused by parasite infection are performed here.

5.Laboratory room 4 (shared use equipment room):

Automatic TAXIScan system for cell mobility, bio-imaging systems (Chemi-stage and Dolphin-DOC), imaging machine for gel-electrophoresis, table-top cooling micro-centrifuge, bio-clean bench, ultra-micro spectrophotometer and table-top micro-centrifuge are present. Researchers using the Center can use any of the equipment when needed.

6.Laboratory Room 5:

Biological safety cabinet and micro-spectrophotometer are present. Investigations concerning genomic analysis and quantitative serological diagnostic analyses for bacterial infection, classification and biological analysis of freshwater sponge are performed here.

7.Measurement Rooms:

Differential interference microscope, trinocular microscope, inverted stereomicroscope and refrigerator are present. Many users utilize this equipment as required.

8.Cleaning Room:

Ultra-pure deionized water manufacturing system, distilled water making system, freeze dryer, drying vacuum concentrator, Autoclaves, dry heat sterilizer, and ice-maker are present.

9.Sample storage place:

Several refrigerator-freezers and refrigerators are present and can be utilized for sample storage.