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         Survey and study of osteoporosis towards reducing the number of persons requiring long-term care

Survey and study of osteoporosis towards reducing the number of persons requiring long-term care

−Project on Health Sciences and Health Promotion of Elderly Persons, 2008−

Outline of Project

In Japan, the incidence of osteoporosis is increasing along with a rapid increase in the elderly population. This degenerative bone disease, which is frequently complicated by fractures, reduces QOL and increases long-term care. Therefore, it is important both medically and socially to detect, prevent and treat osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis and associated fractures constitute a major public health concern. In particular, hip fractures account for significant morbidity, disability, decreased QOL, and mortality.

In order to reduce the number of elderly persons requiring long-term care, this project is focused on,

  1. investigating the utility of quantitative ultrasound for identifying high-risk persons with fractures
  2. investigating the relationship between calcaneus bone density and secondary osteoporosis − analysis of the predictive ability of vertebral fracture in type U diabetes mellitus,
  3. questionnaire survey on the status of hip bone densitometry in Japan
  4. researching the relationship between calcium intake and incident fracture in postmenopausal women − in a Nagano cohort
  5. a prospective cohort study of the relationship between bone mineral density and incidence of situation requiring long-term care in elderly women of Itabashi-ku, Tokyo (The second report)
  6. preparation of a guidance manual for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis


  • Masao Fukunaga, Representative Member (Kawasaki Medical School)
  • Saeko Fujiwara, Member (Radiation Effects Research Foundation)
  • Toru Yamaguchi, Member (Shimane University Faculty of Medicine)
  • Masaaki Shiraki, Member (Research Institute and Practice for Involutional Disease)
  • Kazuhiro Uenishi, Member (Kagawa Nutrition University)
  • Takayuki Hosoi, Member (National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)
  • Takao Suzuki, Member (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)
  • Hirose Yamauchi, Member (Osteoporosis Foundation)
  • Ken Nishikawa, Member (Osteoporosis Foundation)