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         Japanese Society for Bone Morphometry (JSBM)

Japanese Society for Bone Morphometry (JSBM)

  • Principal Investigator: Masao Fukunaga, Dean, Kawasaki Medical School, President, Board of Directors 2006 〜 2009

Members of JSBM include many specialists from different fields, such as medical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutrition, and technology fields. This broad membership base encourages an invaluable atmosphere of cooperation and cross-pollination of disciplines

Topics in the 29th JSBM are as follows:

(1) Symposia
  1. Progress in bone morphometric analyses
  2. Evaluation of vertebral fracture with clinical features and morphology
(2) Special lectures
  1. Bone formation and mechanism of regulation
      Prof. Masaki Noda
  2. Bone morphometry with clinical studies
      Prof. Naoto Endo
  3. Body size, estrogen, life style and femoral geometry
      Prof. Hiroaki Ohta
(3) Current concepts
  1. New in vivo bone morphology method
  2. Renal osteodystrophy − a study from bone biopsy
  3. Structural analysis and bone strength in the proximal femur
  4. Bone bio-imaging