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Expansion and cooperation from Japan-Korea to Asian countries
2nd Japan-Korea NeuroRehabilitation Conference

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Korean Society for NeuroRehabilitation (KSNR) and the Japanese Society for Neural Repair and Neurorehabilitation (JSNRNR), it is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2nd Japan-Korea NeuroRehabilitation Conference which will take place in Okayama on February 16, 2013. Most recent findings in the area of rehabilitation medicine and medical services about neurological diseases have been presented and discussed in the meeting.
In view of the rapidly advancing field of neurorehabilitation, the Conference will cover the state-of-art diagnostic techniques, evaluation tools, and application of various therapeutic methods, as well as the most advanced scientific interest including neural plasticty, rehabilitation robotics, regenerative medicine, and so on. The most principal purpose of the meeting is to provide information exchange between Korean and Japanese members of medical profession.
The Conference venue, Okayama Convention Center is located next to the Okayama train station, and has convenient access from the Okayama International Airport. Top-grade hotels are located within easy access of the Conference venue, with very reasonable rates. Popular sightseeing places such as Okayama Castle, Koraku-en Garden, Kibitsu-Jinja Shrine, Bitchu Kokubunji-Temple, Kurashiki Bikan area, Ohara Art Museum, and Seto-Ohashi Bridge are also within easy reach, allowing full-day tours in Okayama. All of the Korean colleagues who would complete registration of the Conference can attend the 4th Annual Meeting of the JSNRNR that will be held in the same venue next day (February 17, 2013), without any extra charge.
Korea and Japan are in a position to promote transmission of information for international development as co-leaders in the field of Asian neurorehabilitation. We welcome many people to participate in the meetings.

Notice to Participants

Akio Tsubahara, M.D.


2nd Japan-Korea NeuroRehabilitation Conference

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