International Symposium on Occupational and Environmental Allergy and Immune Diseases 2010 (ISOEAID’10)
Date April 7 (Wed) ~ 9 (Fri), 2010
Convention Hall in Kyoto University
Address: Yoshida-Kawaramachi 15-9
Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto, 606-8305, Japan

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Prof. Takemi Otsuki
Department of Hygiene
Kawasaki Medical school
577 Matsushima, Kurashiki
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Program for Special sessions

Scientific Committee on Allergy and Immunotoxicology
Chairman: M. Di Gioacchino Secretary: T. Otsuki
Past-Chairman: K. Morimoto

International Symposium on Occupational and Environmental Allergy and Immune Diseases 2010 (ISOEAID’10)
Organized with the cooperation of the
SCs on “Indoor Air Quality” and Occupational Dermatoses”

Date: April 7-9, 2010

Venue: KYODAI-KAIKAN Rm 210, Rm 211
Conference Hall in Kyoto University
15-9 Yoshidakawara-machi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8305, Japan

Local Organizer: Takemi Otsuki
Department of Hygiene, Kawasaki Medical School
577 Matsushima, Kurashiki 701-0192 Japan
Tel: +81-86-462-1111, Fax: +81-86-464-1125

Wednesday - April 7th, 2010
17:00 Opening Ceremony Dr Kazutaka Kogi (President of ICOH) Opening Remark
18:00 Welcome Party

Thursday April 8th
Session 1: Allergy
Symposium on Respiratory and Skin Allergy
09:00 Keynote Speech M. Di Gioacchino (Italy)
Environmental pollution and asthma
09:30 Special Lecture K. Dobashi (Japan)
Clinical problems in bronchial asthma
09:50 Special Lecture M. Braga (Italy)
T regulatory cells and allergy
10:10 Special Lecture A. Ueda (Japan)
Epidemiology on Occupational and Environmental Allergy

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Special Lecture P. Sartorelli (Italy)
Prevention of contact dermatitis in the workplace
11:20 Special Lecture F. Larese (Italy)
Latex allergy after 20 years of prevention
11:40 Special Lecture S. Kezic (The Netherlands)
Genetic susceptibility for contact dermatitis
12:00 Discussion

12:15 Luncheon Seminar T. Otsuki (Japan)
Immunological effects of silica and asbestos

12:45 Post-Lunch break

Symposium on GHS system
14:00 Keynote speech H. van Loveren (The Netherlands)
Criteria of Sensitizer in GHS
14:30 Special Lecture K. Yuta (Japan)
Sensitization study by quantitative structural-activity relationships (QSAR)
14:50 Special Lecture K. Sato (Japan)
Validation study of the new criteria of sensitizer using German sensitizers of Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
15:00 Discussion

15:10 Poster Viewing Session

16:30 Coffee Break Report
Y. Aizawa (Japan) and M. Di Gioacchino (Italy)
Introduction of Exchange Program between G. d'Annunzio Universit and Kitasato University

Session 2: Immunotoxicology
Symposium on Immune System and Lifestyle
17:00 Keynote Speech K. Morimoto (Japan)
Life style and immune system
17:30 Special Lecture Q. Li (Japan)
Immunological effects of forest bathing
17:50 Special Lecture P. Boscolo (Italy)
Immune response to job strain in
Italian men with different types of working activity
18:10 Special Lecture T. Yoshida (Japan)
Childhood and Immunology
18:30 Discussion

18:40 Reception

Friday April 9th
Symposium on Immunotoxicology of Nanoparticles
09:00 Keynote Speech E. Sabbioni (Italy)
Nonotoxicology and its implications in the human and environmental risk assessment of metal based nanoparticles: where are we?
09:40 Special Lecture S. Hirano (Japan)
Biological effects of nanoparticles
10:10 Special Lecture C. Petrarca (Italy)
Immune effects of metal nanoparticles on human PBMC

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Special Lecture R. Mariani Costantini (Italy)
Subcellular alteration in the response to nanoparticles in “in vitro models
11:20 Special Lecture M. Tsunoda (Japan)
Immunotoxic effects of tributyltin on splenocytes and thymocytes in female F1 rats at 9 weeks of age after exposure via the placenta, their dams’ milk, and/or their food
11:40 Special Lecture G. Bernardini (Italy)
Changes in gene expression profile in cell exposed to nanoparticles
12:00 Discussion

Luncheon Seminar Presented by Yakult Co. Ltd.)
12:15 Introduction K. Morimoto (Japan) and M. Di Gioacchino (Italy)
12:20 Lecture 1 M. Nanno (Japan)
Biological effects of probiotics
12:40 Lecture 2 T. Takeshita (Japan)
Japan study of effects of probiotics (Shirota) on NK activity
13:00 Lecture 3 R. Muraro (Italy)
Italian study on the immune effects of probiotic Shirota: Effect on NK activity
13:20 Lecture 4 P. Boscolo (Italy)
Italian study on the immune effects of probiotic Shirota: Potential modulatory effects on the immune response to environmental stress
13:40 Discussion

13:50 Post-lunch break

Symposium on Environmental Immunotoxicology and Indoor Air Quality
14:30 Keynote Speech Q. Niu (China)
Aluminum neurotoxicity-1-
14:50 Special Report 3 communications from Prof. Niu’s laboratory Aluminum neurotoxicity-2-
15:10 Special Lecture H. Takano (Japan)
Environmental chemicals enhance allergic diseases in mice
15:30 Special Lecture Y. Nishimura (Japan) Asbestos & NK cell
15:50 Discussion

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Keynote Speech G. Muzi (Italy)
Non-industrial indoor environment, work and health
16:50 Special Lecture K. Sakabe (Japan)
Sensitization Studies in Chemical Intolerant Individuals - Sick House Syndrome and Chemical Sensitivity
17:10 Special Lecture Kayama F(Japan)
Cadmium poisoning
17:30 Discussion

17:45 Closing Ceremony: Comments from K. Morimoto, M. Di Gioacchino and T. Otsuki